When you add solar panels to your home, you can reduce costs starting on day 1, receive tax incentives and increase your home value. With BIA SOLAR's high-quality products, you'll enjoy the most efficient & reliable panels backed by an industry-leading warranty.


Reduce pollution using clean renewable solar energy that never runs out

Offset solar panels and system installation costs with government rebate programs.

Greater efficient energy with reduced power bills

With us, going solar is easy!

Homeowners across the country are already taking advantage of the outstanding benefits that come from installing solar panel systems to their home. BIA SOLAR residential solar panel installation systems offer affordable & clean energy to any home with a good roof. Our solar energy panels and system installations unlock pure, reliable power.

Some of the benefits include:

A happy home & neighbors because solar panels & inverters are quiet, energy generators

We are certified installers of Generac & SunPower/SunVault systems and are proud to offer whole home backup options! 

Average Monthly Savings


Tax Credit


More Perks! 

Increase on
Home Value


Switch to solar. No haggling & no hidden fees! Get one upfront price by contacting us today!